Pricing Plans

Simplifying the power of email

Pricing Plans

IndivoMail delivers turnkey solutions for your digital marketing efforts by blending our experienced team of INDIVO professionals with the powerful ActiveCampaign email and marketing automation platform. Explore our plans below.

View Lite Plan Details

  • Unlimited sending

  • Send newsletters

  • Up to 3 users

  • Email marketing

    Grow your list, engage contacts, and drive sales.

    • One-time emails: Send broadcast email messages to lists of contacts or targeted campaigns to specific segments.
    • Auto-responders: Send messages the instant someone joins your list – perfect for welcome campaigns.
    • Date-based/scheduled: Send campaigns to contacts at different times based on date fields – like two weeks before an event, a week before an event, a day before an event, a day after an event, a week after an event. Or, scheduled at certain dates/times for specials, promotions, or birthdays.
    • Drip campaigns: Create a series of messages for new contacts – perfect for new customer onboarding or announcing a new product or service, pre- and post-event/meeting promotions.
    • Automated workflows: Create sophisticated follow-up by combining triggers, actions, and logic to create a complex series of messages to deliver.
    • Split testing: Find the right content, layout, and settings your subscribers respond to with up to 5-version split tests. Variables to test: sender information, subject line, and body content. Pick the winner manually or have the system choose.
    • Dynamic campaign content: Customize your message to match the interests of each individual contact; conditional content sends different content to different contacts based on how they behave or insights you’ve gathered about who they are (what products/services they’ve bought, age, geography, etc.) with unlimited personalization.
  • Marketing automation

    Automate marketing and sales with intelligent, customizable automation.

    • Automate the life cycle: Adjust contact data, move contacts, and send specific follow-up campaigns. Trigger actions via site visits, emails (sent or received), text (SMS) interactions, and more.
    • Campaigns on autopilot: Initiate campaigns with dynamic content whenever you update your website or post new content. Perfect for blog updates, product announcements, event additions, specials, promotions, and ecommerce.
    • Auto import contacts: Automatically fetch and add new contacts from popular CRMs, eCommerce platforms, customer service solutions, and more.
    • Social analysis: View all social reactions to your campaigns in real time. Set up actions when a contact shares your campaign.
    • Up-to-date notifications: Alert specific people as contacts move through work flows or perform actions for follow-up.
  • Standard features

    • Multi-user editing
    • Revision history
    • Conditional content – using if-then logic to display different content to different contacts
    • Mobile optimized
    • Link actions – add tags, notify, create deals, and more the instant campaign links are clicked
    • Custom data fields
    • Geotracking
    • Segmentation
    • Image hosting
    • Site tracking – connect your email marketing to contact’s behavior on your website
    • Social sharing
    • Analytics integration


View Plus Plan Details

  • Everything from Lite, plus:

  • Unlimited sending

  • Contact and lead scoring

  • Data integration

  • Up to 25 users

  • CRM and sales automation

    Automatically nurture and advance prospects, set up custom sales processes. Seamless integration with personal emails, marketing, and automations.

    • Contact and lead scoring: Define the ideal lead profile and adjust as they interact with your marketing. Automatically notify sales when to purse the hottest lead at the perfect time.
    • Drag and drop deals: Move deals from one stage to the next.
    • Track your sales process: Watch your sales funnel in real time.
    • Customized sales flow: Design your sales process to fit your business, with sales stages, tasks, and more to move prospects through the sales cycle.
    • Seamless email integration: Connect with Outlook, Gmail, or any other provider. View all sent and received emails related to a deal from a single view.
    • Sales and user reporting: Keep an eye on your funnel, performance metrics, automations, and individual reps.
    • Fully integrated, single platform
  • SMS marketing

    Send targeted and personalized texts to your contacts.

    • Users can subscribe via text
    • Automatic follow-ups via text: Send alerts, reminders, discounts, offers, etc.
    • Manage and collect phone numbers: Import existing phone numbers and create integrated forms to request and collect new phone numbers.
    • Automatic opt-out/unsubscribe via text


View Professional Plan Details

  • Everything from Plus, plus:

  • Unlimited sending

  • Up to 50 users

  • Site messaging

    Deliver personalized messages to website visitors in real time.

    • Personalization: Send custom site messages to contacts on the basis of page views, customer data, events, and more.
    • Relevance: Deliver timely site messages based on contact behaviors.
    • Engagement: Deliver attention-grabbing site messages. Customize the message’s design.
    • Guide contacts through your funnel: Set up clicks on links in your campaigns to trigger supporting site messages.
    • Automation: Trigger automated workflows when site messages are read. Use site messages to create segments, goals, and more.
  • Attribution

    From acquisition to conversion, track the complete customer journey.

    • Know what advertising is working: Know which campaigns are generating leads and customers for your business.
    • Integration with marketing automation: Seamlessly use contact source and conversion information to trigger automations, create unique marketing experiences for contacts, and more.
    • Know when a contact converts: Notify people in your organization when an important conversion occurs. Define custom conversion events based on purchases and other key events.
    • Works with standard link tracking: Uses the industry standard UTM parameters to track visitor sources.


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