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Optimized for high-volume email sending

IndivoMail caters to high-volume email campaigns sent over multiple dedicated outgoing IP addresses.

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Turn-key email campaigns

From strategy and creation, to sending and reporting.

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Experienced email marketing professionals

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Web-based email marketing engine

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Email list acquisition services

We can help obtain or build your email lists.

Get Started and More Email Power

There's more to creating great relationships and getting great results than just the email itself. We will work with your team to develop the email strategy and integrated programs to help retain or reactivate customers, acquire new customers and subscribers, as well as grow your bottom line.

Supercharge Your eMail

The services we offer are tailored to the needs of your organization, helping drive top line revenue growth by cost-effectively integrating email marketing into your overall business development initiatives. We offer complete, turn-key strategy, creative, production, bulk distribution and reporting services.

Email Results-based Growth Orientation

Looking to capture additional email subscribers, motivate purchases or just stay in touch with your customers and employees? We will work with your team to help devise program content, presentation and deliverability schedules, all targeted to the goals of each initiative.

Help Starting or Growing Your Email List

Getting to the right people at the right time with the right information is key to relationship development. A clean email list is one of your company's most valuable assets. We can help keep your current subscriber list clean and healthy, obtain new lists and implement strategies to augment your contacts.

Join our crowd!

Email Marketing. We Do That.

IndivoMail is the managed email marketing service of INDIVO, Inc.

IndivoMail includes everything that you need to effectively implement email marketing campaigns for your company.

Our services include campaign strategy development; list acquisition, refinement and augmentation; email creative, design, production and distribution; tracking, reporting, ongoing assessment and more. Working in concert with your team, or as a turn-key fully managed email marketing service, we strive to help enhance brand growth and quantifiable results.

IndivoMail is a service mark of INDIVO, Inc., a strategic, full-service marketing communications company with vital experience leveraging technology and tradition tools to help clients connect with customers and stay competitive in today’s challenging economy.  To learn more about the rest of INDIVO’s family of services, visit

Industries we have served:

Consumer Packaged Goods

Medical, Dental & Health Care

Business Services

Food, Beverage and Food Services

Real Estate

Sales and Distribution

Financial Services


Getting your message across with the right email creative, design and engaging copy that will help deliver great results.


Email Marketing Services

Used properly, email can be an effective relationship building tool for your business. Clients may deploy IndivoMail as part of an integrated program or as a stand-alone service for creating and/or distributing emails to a variety of target audiences including customers, prospects, and employees. We can help, if you are looking for ways to:

Retain or reactivate existing customers

Acquire new customers and subscribers

Usher a prospect through the buying process

Create passive revenue streams


Contact Us

Call Al Buscaino at 877.4.INDIVO x 222 today.

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